Extra Addons

Extra Description Cost
One Off Item Cost of receiving a non-official mail item while only having in place the Registered Address Service, this fee is changed per item, plus any postage required. £8.00 plus Postage, plus VAT.
Pre-arranged Freight Delivery Charged per freight delivery, when arranged in advance of freight arrival. Includes unloading and loading by pallet truck. £30.00 plus VAT.
Un-arranged Freight Delivery Fee charged for handling an unexpected freight delivery. £45.00 plus VAT.
Forklift When unloading or loading requires the use of a Forklift. Charged for each arrival and departure of goods. OfficeServ does not guarantee the availability of a Forklift unless pre-arranged. £10.00 plus VAT.
Pallet Freight Holding Charged per pallet, per night. £5.00 plus VAT.
Parcel Holding This fee applies to all Packages, Parcels and Large Parcels between 0KG to 25KG. Fees start on the day after your services included package and parcel holding time allowance. This is charged per item, per night. Maximum extended holding period is 15 days. £1.00 plus VAT.
Letter Holding This fee applies to all any any letters held, fees start on the day after your services included letter holding time allowance. There is an initial charge per item, plus a per item per night fee. Maximum extended holding period is 30 days. Initial Charge £1.00, Plus £0.15 Per Night plus VAT.
Professional Voice Mail Recording We can record a professional voicemail greeting for your voicemail box with OfficeServ call handling or forwarding. £40.00 plus VAT.
Dishonorable Visit Relating to dealing with a dis-honourable visit with regards to your business practices. Such as an enforcement officer for bad debts. £50.00 plus VAT.