What is a Virtual Office Service?

As the service name suggests a Virtual Office gives your business all the benefits of having a physical office location but virtually. This can be great and benefit all types of businesses, both small and large. Instantly providing your business with most of the services a physical office has to offer without any off the major overheads associated with leasing or owning commercial property.

Virtual Office Services provided by OfficeServ can includes some of the following benefits:

Physical Street Address

A physical commercial address for your business, great for portraying an established business image with potential customers.

Use it For Anything

The address can be used for websites and online sale channels, business cards, promotional printing, letter heads and invoicing, plus loads more.

Mail Handling

Letter handling and forwarding, package and large parcel processing, customer returns, international forwarding, or even holding and collectively forwarding to save costs.

Meeting Rooms & Desk Hire

Cost effective meeting room hire at your Virtual Office can be used to meet clients and take meetings physically at the address.

Call Answering

Business call answering and forwarding, even providing a full reception service for your business.

Commercial Delivery Processing

A location for pallet and larger freight deliveries to take place, with forklift services available.

Why use a virtual office?

For entrepreneurs who have been building their business from home, a Virtual Office can serve as that first step towards getting established in a physical space – but without the commitment of renting an actual desk or room in an office building.

It also provides a great peace of mind your private home address stays just that, private. One big step in starting a new business from home, is suddenly facing the possibility you will need to publicly provide the location of your business online. You wouldn’t make your full home address public on say your social media accounts, maybe not even if your profile is private. So why would you want to advertise your home address publicly to the world. For a small monthly cost you can avoid this right from the start with a Virtual Office Service from OfficeServ.

Similarly, if you’re already working in an office but are finding it to be too much of a strain on your overheads, or your now thinking of working from home full time (We all know that start-ups businesses and even big companies have to use their financial resources carefully). A Virtual Office could be a great solution for you and your business to not only save, but grow!

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One of the key benefits of renting a virtual office is that in doing so gives your business a greater degree of professionalism.

Having a business address (rather than simply your home address), a business phone number (rather than your mobile or home number), and a professional space in which to meet with clients (rather than your home or your local cafe) gives the impression that your small business is professional, well-established and, ultimately, trustworthy.

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Cost & Savings

A great advantage of the Virtual Office is that it costs much less than leasing physical office space, office space that potentially is not required at all. One massive saving that is quite often overlooked is the fact it’s not just an address your paying for, it’s an address that is occupied and staffed during business hours every day! Meaning signed for packages get signed for, customers can visit and check you can be contacted at the location, and meetings can take place there. In some cases reception staff can even greet your clients when they attend meetings etc. These are all things provided for what might cost you as little as £10 per month!

Office Equipment & Services

Virtual Offices can provide office equipment and other services, included in packages or charged as extras. This can sometime be very handy, for example if you have large documents that need printing or a bulk mail shot to send out. Virtual Offices are normally equipped with commercial printing and scanning devices, plus facilities that are able to handle and process large quantities of mail.

OfficeServ can provide some of the following services on request:
High volume document scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing.
Bulk mail sending and volume discounts on Royal Mail pricing.
Printing and copying services.
Discounted priority international shipping services.

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Normally Virtual Office Services are paid monthly, an most services providers do this on a monthly rolling contract, meaning you can cancel anytime. OfficeServ provide both monthly pricing and discounts for committing and paying yearly. It is possible to switch to yearly billing at any time, this is great to test our services out and then decide to commit and save once you know OfficeServ is the right choice and most of all that a Virtual Office works well for your business.


To conclude, if your business is suitable to function using a Virtual Office Service for most of the reasons you would potentially need any physical office space, it’s an all-round winner. Saving your business money and extensive commitments. Instead providing great flexibility, services and equipment at brilliant value, all while portraying the professional image a dedicated business location provides.

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