This post looks at some of the major benefits of using serviced shared office space, which OfficeServ provides to clients. OfficeServ’s shared office space is a place where businesses can accomplish their goals, in a safe and professional environment. From people needing just one desk to call their own, to established businesses requiring a nest of several desk to help collaboratively deliver the next big project on time.


Seven Advantages Of Using Shared Office Space


1. Fast Set Up & Easy to Move In

Using shared office space from OfficeServ is very simple, everything is ready for you to start using straight away! No long-term lease’s to sign, estate agents to deal with, internet and utilities to set up! You can arrange a viewing of the available space at your convenience and come to check out all of the amenities available. If you choose to make use of our space, there is a simple signup process and your ready to go! Select a desk to call your own, pickup your access card, and then you can come and go 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

2. Cost-efficiency

Paying for office space by the desk can be very cost effective! There will just be one fixed monthly fee per desk which includes everything. That means no bills! No electric, internet, water, heating, business rates, insurance, cleaning… the list goes on… you don’t have to worry about any of these. You can sleep easy at night knowing its just one fixed monthly cost, no matter how much time you spend at work, no worries about heating in the winter or air conditioning in those hot summer months!

Office Serv

3. All-inclusive amenities

If you rent your own private office, you have to pay for all those office supplies, and additional amenities, plus you may even need a receptionist or office manager to support your staff and oversee the management of the space. With OfficeServ Space everything is included.

Reception Service
Meeting Room Space
Superfast Fibre Optical Internet
Paper & Printing
Air Conditioning
Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks
Ample Free Off-Road Parking
Mailing & Parcel Services

4. Tech-enabled workspace

Installing and configuring the IT infrastructure of any office space to your requirements is not only time consuming it can be very costly. When using OfficeServ Space everything is ready for you and can be adapted to for fill your requirements. Providing gigabit wired private internal networking, secure high speed WiFi, video conferencing facilities, video projectors, onsite server rack space, fibre to the property ultra-fast internet, professional phone systems and lots more.

5. Flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits of shared office space is the flexibility that it provides to all users. There are no lengthy contracts, normally you are only asked for a short term commitment of one to three months depending on the provider of the space. OfficeServ Space requires a three month commitment, while this might not be as flexible as providers that allow 30 day rolling contracts, we find it beneficial to the users of our space to ensure the users themselves are serious and committed to using the space.

6. Impress Customers & Investors

Having your business operate from an office, shared or not, is a sure way to make a great first impression with both new customers and potential investors! Using a co-working space provides this great impression for a fraction of the cost. You can arrange meetings for any of your business requirements in the available meeting rooms. Give professional presentations in a boardroom style environment using video projectors and more. A benefit of OfficeServ Space is while there is lots of meeting room time included for free, for a small fee OfficeServ will prep the meeting room ready for your important time with cold drinks, snacks and your business branding.

7. Networking opportunities

A collaborative workspace can be just that, collaborative. While understandably, privacy and being able to focus on your own business endeavours is highly important, using shared office space opens doors to being able to bounce ideas off other like minded people and build strong business relationships based on the shared goal of success. You can also attend networking events held in the office space or other events organised by the space provider.

Office Serv

Why Choose OfficeServ Space

On top of all the above benefits, OfficeServ operate various policies to ensure a productive, likeminded, safe environment to work from. Right from the start we strive to fill our space with people and businesses that are focused on success and productivity, through a short pre-signup interview. We always make sure there are no competitors working from the same locations, this can not only give peace of mind to users not having to compete, it also means there is more chance for businesses in our space being able to either use each other’s services or provide each other with client leads or recommendations. Everything is based on helping any business grow!

To find out more details on OfficeServ Space take a look at all the information here, you can register your interest, make an inquire to get start or arrange a viewing!

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