Royal Mail Redirection

Redirection services provided by Royal Mail are primarily a temporary service, used when a business or residential property occupier move from one address to a new address. The service can be great for this, but only when moving from one long term address to another long term address, otherwise it can get very costly.

Redirection is very simple to implement, you just contact Royal Mail and tell them the address your currently at and the address your moving to, importantly though you must tell them the names of whom are moving address. With business redirection you will need to provide and pay for each business name / trading name that mail arrives under for your company, much the same for residential, you provide all the full names of any recipients that are moving to the new address.

Royal Mail will then automatically redirect any post addressed to the named recipients and deliver the items to the new address. At present you can set this service up for 3, 6 or 12 months. We have outlined the cost of these Royal Mail redirection services below:


Royal Mail PO Boxes

PO Boxes are fast becoming a thing of the past, the term PO Box in the UK is almost immediately associated with the idea of trying to hide from or deceive the sender. Then you have the timely and manual task of visiting the box to collect mail each day, week or month. Royal Mail do still provide this service though but it comes at a cost. There is also the issue that a lot of places will not accept a PO Box as an address. PO Box pricing from Royal Mail is shown below, alongside an OfficeServ Virtual Office Package that would provide the same service with lots more added benefits, including a real street address not a PO Box one:


Using OfficeServ to provide your mailing solution!

OfficeServ can not only provide the full mailing solution you may require, we can also save you time and money! Below our some of the flexible benefits of our services.

Make Changes As You Please

Being able to change your forwarding address anytime you wish without charge. Need a item of mail forwarding to your hotel while your away? Working abroad for a while? We can forward your mail anywhere at your request!

Your Own Digital Mailroom

Receive all your mail instantly to your email inbox! Mail sent to your virtual address with OfficeServ can be scanned and converted to high resolution, fully searchable PDF format, then sent directly to your inbox.

Packages & Parcels

We can handle parcels and large shipments, meaning you can have just about anything sent to your address with us, not just letters! When required we can even provide forklift services to deal with freight deliveries.

No Contract

No minimum terms. Cancel anytime on our pay monthly options. Unlike Royal Mail where you have to commit for three months minimum term. This can provide great flexibility.


In summary, Royal Mail redirection can make sense if your moving from one place to another and stay there. However putting in place an OfficeServ digital mailroom service can have massive benefits, not only just when moving. If you need any help deciding if one of our services can help support your business, please get in touch with us now!

For more information on Royal Mail PO Boxes or Redirection please visit their website via the following links.

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