Leads To Meet

Leads that put you in a meeting with a potential client.

Finding new business isn't always easy and can be an expensive outgoing that doesn't always pay off. Imagen if the outgoing always lead to you ending up in a meeting room, pitching your service or product face to face. Nothing is more engaging and successful in sales than a face to face meeting. We provide a tailored service that helps your business be in the position time and time again. 

Meet With Us Then Meet With Them


Firstly OfficeServ will sit down with your business either at our offices or we can come to you. This meeting will enable us to get an understanding of the service or product you are trying to market at potential clients. Once we have a full understanding of all your selling points, pricing and how your product or services benefits the end user, we can move onto identifying your target market and who in our team would work best to generate your meetings.


We will then use our access to premium data on UK Business and Consumers to narrow down your target client, contact them on your behalf, pitch your pitch with the view to arranging a face to face meeting with someone from your company. Only once that meeting has taken place will you have been billed for any cost. It's that simple.

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