Effective Compnay Formation

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We make it easy to form and start running your business from day one, with our simple and effective formation package. We will take care of all the paperwork with Companies House and HMRC, then arrange a meeting with a local business bank manager at the Bank of your choice. Remember we're here to help every step of the way. We can offer addition help over the phone, point you in the right direction if you require specialist assistance. 


If you use OfficeServ to start your business your not just being emailed a Company Registration Certificate a few hours later. We value our customers and are always here to help. 

1 Years Registered Office Service


Use our industrial park address as your public record registered office, keeping home addresses private while also giving a more estiblished look from the start.




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Memorandum & Articles of Association  Digital & Printed

Certificate of Incorporation        Digital & Printed

Share Certificate(s)                     Digital & Printed

Company Register with First Entries    Digital & Printed

Minutes ofFirst Board Meeting    Digital & Printed

Memorandum & Articlesof Association    Digital & Printed

All our packages come with both degtial and printed copies of all paperwork, get what you need right away via email and know its also coming in hard copy for your records. 

VAT Registration

 Goverment Gateway Set-Up

PAYE Registration

 Goverment Gateway Set-Up



Hassle fee VAT & PAYE set up with your govermant gateway account ready when its required.

3 Months Call Ansewer Service *

 UK Geogriphical Number **

Try our call ansewering service find out more here.

1 Years Microsoft Exchange Email


Microsoft Office & Exchange go hand in hand.

Web Design & 1 Years Hosting

 Business Website 5 Hours Free Design

Companies House 

 £13.00 Filing Fee Included



Nominee Director

 Copy Utility Bill Only £65.00