Simple Call Forwarding 


Mobile or Landline - National or International - No Problem

With our call forwarding service, you will never receive a bill for going over an allowance or run out of forwarding time. You won't pay extra for having your calls forwarded to mobile numbers, even ones overseas!

Unlimited Call Forwarding Included
International Destinations
Forward To Mobile Numbers
Business Class Voicemail


Sign Up & Choose
Your Number

Create your account with OfficeServ, choose an geographical area code, 03 or 0845 from our wide selection. We can even provide incoming numbers for foreign country's.

Set up your forwarding to a mobile or landline number, which can be any UK number or in our included destinations. You can set time based forwarding as well. Only receive calls 9 to 5 if you like.

Set Up
Your Forwarding



It's That Simple
Enjoy Your Forwarding

Now your service is up and running, you can make changes anytime. When and if you need to change the number your calls are forwarded to, its free and simple to change. 

One Price - One Simple Service - No Extra Charges

How Long Does It Take To Setup?

Call forwarding is normally active within two working hours, though it can take 24 hours.

Can I Change My Incoming No.?

Yes, you can always change or even add more incoming call numbers from any of our available locations. Extra numbers start form £3.00.

What If I Miss A Call?

If you miss a incoming call, you will receive an email from our system with the time and number of the call.

More Questions, Click Here. 

Included International Destinations