Reception Services 

Never miss a call again with your own recptionest on hand. 

Research has shown that 7 out of 10 callers will immediately hang up when they hear an answering machine, so it is vitally important that all incoming calls are answered by a real person. Never lose out on potential business opportunities.


Incoming calls can be handled however you would like. It's up to you, with OfficeSev your always in control as if you were the boss. This is not just a posh message service. Below are some examples of how your calls can be handled. 

  • Announced Transfer - The call will be answered in your company name, if they know whom they wish to speak to we can reply "please wait while I see if he/she is available" or "let me check if they are in", your incoming call is placed on hold. If you answer we will inform you of who is calling and why, you can then decide if you would like to be connected. If you're not available or don't wish to speak we take down a detailed message and contact info, then email it to you.

  • Preference Transfer - For example if your business has specific products and you receive a high volume of calls for more information about your product or service. Our staff can automatically filter these calls out and provide the caller with where they can obtain more information from and arrange a callback. If you were to have PDF brochures or such we can send them via email straight after the call. We then send a detailed email to whoever deals with new sales in your business alerting them to chase up this lead.

  • Home Office Extension - Working from your home? We can provide a desk phone linked to our phone system over your internet connection. This can be configured in multiple ways. Please find out more here.

  • Message Service - Let us know when your away or don't wish to be disturbed we can take detailed messages and email you to follow up when your ready.